It's Wash N' Go Season.

Posted by Gorgeously Kinky on Feb 15th 2014


As we head into the summer many of us will be rocking more wash n' go styles.

Here are a couple of tips for a perfect wash n' go.

1. Apply holding product (gel, custard or curl cream) to soaking wet hair. This allows for better clumping, less product usage and less frizz.
2. Allow your hair to dry completely before touching it. You can either air-dry or use a blow dryer with a diffuser. This also prevents your hair from becoming frizzy.
3. Using an oil instead of a cream on your hair while doing a wash n' go style, allows for a lesser chance of flaking or white-balling during product application.
4. Sleep with your hair in a "pineapple" to preserve your wash n' go style. Be sure to wrap it with a satin scarf or wear a satin bonnet to keep curls in place during sleep.